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JKKP/DOSH consultant

Consult us to deal with Jabatan Keselematan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (JKKP) or DOSH in dealing Design Approvals and Fitness Certificates (PMA & PMT) renewals

basic installation method

Oil cleaning services

Since 2006 we have been in Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Services using Electrostatic Cleaners. We have been helpful in saving costs and downtimes for some major companies in Malaysia

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trading of equipment

An official dealer for Wacker-Neuson range of products, besides that we also deal in used equipment from industrial to construction

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design approvals

Most lifting equipment requires the approval from the Government of Malaysia. We specialise in obtaining those approvals from DOSH/JKKP and also getting the Fitness Certificates

Look at the oil specimens before and after cleaning using electrostatic cleaners

Our Electrostatic Oil Cleaners are top class of the world. It can remove all types oil contaminants upto 0.03microns. Many of our customers have seen unprecedented cost savings due to cleaner running of their systems as our machines are capable of removing varnish and deposits from internal moving parts of their machinery


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